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Your Destination for Best Indian Food in Aberdeen

Indian spicy ingredients play a vital role in preparing special cuisines. They add the true flavor which fulfills the appetite. At Eastern Eye, we do our best to cook delicious cuisines that reflect the root and have complete balance of taste and creativity.

Located strategically in the heart of the city, Eastern Eye Best Indian Cuisine has been serving delicious foods to customers of Aberdeen. The restaurant lists some of the best Indian food sprinkled with right spices and ingredients.

Visit the Best Restaurant in Aberdeen

When you visit our restaurant, you will find a cool and calm vibe. The aroma of dishes we serve gives more reason to try our menu, irrespective of the occasion. We take pride in offering you with the best food delivery, Takeaway service and customized flavored dishes so you come back again to fill your appetite.

Eastern Eye places importance to serve food made using fresh local ingredient, meat and vegetables. Our highly qualified chefs take complete care about preparing dish and serving in the stylish way. This makes Eastern Eye the best curry house in Aberdeen.